Uttarayan Harmony - 2, 3 BHK Apartment in Guwahati

Discover modern living at its finest with Uttarayan Harmony in Bagharbari, Guwahati. Offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments, this residential haven boasts elegant aesthetics, urban comforts, and a lavish clubhouse. With a strategic location connected to Baghorbori Road and an EV charging point, Uttarayan Harmony is well-planned, featuring 208 units across a single tower with 9 floors. The project, scheduled for completion in December 2026, brings together style, comfort, and convenience. Explore the allure of contemporary living in the heart of Guwahati with Uttarayan Harmony's exquisite homes and premium amenities.

Uttarayan Harmony

Why you should consider Uttarayan Harmony?

Consider Uttarayan Harmony for a living experience that seamlessly blends connectivity and sustainability. Situated with excellent connectivity to Baghorbori Road, this housing project offers more than just a residence. Embrace the future with the convenience of EV charging points, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly and modern living. Discover a harmonious blend of connectivity, innovation, and environmental consciousness at Uttarayan Harmony.

Uttarayan Harmony - Features & Amenities

Uttarayan Harmony in Bagharbari, Guwahati, offers modern living with 208 units across a single tower. Spread over 2.05 acres, the project features amenities like a Flower Garden, Earthquake Resistance, and CCTV Security. Well-connected to Baghorbori Road, it's currently under construction, with completion slated for December 2026. Enjoy a harmonious lifestyle with healthcare facilities nearby and easy access to transit points like Tezpur 200rupees and Narengi railway station. Embrace contemporary living at Uttarayan Harmony.

Uttarayan Harmony - Location Advantages

In Terms of location, Uttarayan Harmony does have an edge because :

  • Baghorbori Road - 130m Drive
  • The Scholar School - 210m Drive
  • Paramount Square Mall - 4km Drive
  • Sun Valley Hospital - 5km Drive
  • Rudra Singha Sports Complex - 6km Drive
  • Assam University - 9km Drive
  • Silver Aspire Tower - 12km Drive
  • Kamakhya Junction - 23km Drive
Uttarayan Harmony

Nestled in the heart of Bagharbari, Guwahati, Uttarayan Harmony stands as a testament to modern living, offering an exquisite blend of style and comfort. This residential haven introduces a striking addition to the city's skyline, featuring fully residential towers hosting 2 & 3 BHK apartments. Each unit reflects meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design, providing spacious interiors and a wealth of amenities. Residents will be immersed in a world of urban sophistication, with the added allure of a luxurious clubhouse, all slated for completion in December 2026.

The strategic location of Uttarayan Harmony contributes to its allure, being well-connected to Baghorbori Road and featuring an electric vehicle (EV) charging point. The development is meticulously planned, encompassing 2.05 acres and comprising 208 units across a single tower with 9 floors. Two phases of construction are underway, with an expected possession date of December 2026, offering potential homeowners a range of options to suit their preferences and budget.

Uttarayan Harmony embraces a holistic approach to living, with amenities like Flower Garden, Earthquake Resistant structures, and CCTV Camera Security ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment. The project also benefits from its proximity to key landmarks and transit points, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of contemporary living and convenience in the vibrant city of Guwahati.

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Posted By : Amit Singh

Uttarayan Harmony - 2, 3 BHK Apartment in Guwahati