Pumarth Serenity - 2, 3 BHK Villa in Indore

Experience the epitome of modern living at Pumarth Serenity in Mundla Bag, Indore. With wide roads, a robust security alarm system, and an underground water tank facility, this upcoming housing society offers convenience and safety. Anticipated for completion by May 2025, Pumarth Serenity boasts Vastu-compliant villas with top-notch amenities like CCTV camera security and a landscaped garden. Explore the holistic lifestyle offered by Pumarth Serenity, brought to you by Pumarth Infrastructure, a trusted name in real estate development.

Pumarth Serenity

Why you should consider Pumarth Serenity?

Pumarth Serenity presents a compelling choice for discerning homebuyers seeking comfort and security. Boasting wide roads, a state-of-the-art security alarm system, and an underground water tank facility, this housing society prioritizes safety and convenience. With these amenities in place, residents can enjoy peace of mind and a hassle-free living experience. Consider Pumarth Serenity for a harmonious blend of modern comforts and secure living.

Pumarth Serenity - Features & Amenities

Pumarth Serenity, nestled in Mundla Bag, Indore, offers a serene living experience with its meticulously planned housing society. Spanning 6.34 acres, this development comprises 46 units spread across multiple towers, each boasting three floors. Residents can enjoy a harmonious lifestyle complemented by top-notch amenities such as Vastu compliance, CCTV camera security, and a secure gated community. Situated near prominent landmarks like Pyari Bai Memorial Hospital, Pumarth Serenity promises convenience and tranquility for its residents.

Pumarth Serenity - Location Advantages

In Terms of location, Pumarth Serenity does have an edge because :

  • G.D. Goenka Public School - 1km Drive
  • New Siddharth Public School - 2km Drive
  • Rural Health Center - 4km Drive
  • Panchawati Bus Stop - 5km Drive
  • SHAKUNTALAM Ambience - 2km Drive
  • SKS Vidhyardi - 2km Drive
Pumarth Serenity

Discover the allure of Pumarth Serenity, nestled in the vibrant locale of Mundla Bag, Indore. Spanning 6.34 acres, this upcoming housing society boasts 46 units across multiple towers, each spanning three floors. Anticipated for completion by May 2025, Pumarth Serenity promises a holistic living experience with its array of amenities and facilities. From wide roads to a robust security alarm system and underground water tank facility, this project prioritizes convenience and safety for its residents.

Pumarth Serenity sets the stage for an unparalleled living experience with its impressive array of amenities. Residents can relish in the tranquility of the landscape garden, while children enjoy playful moments in the designated play area. With Vastu compliance ensuring harmony and CCTV camera security providing peace of mind, this gated community offers a secure and serene environment for all. Situated near the renowned Pyari Bai Memorial Hospital, convenience is at your doorstep, enhancing the appeal of Pumarth Serenity as a desirable residential destination.

Pumarth Infrastructure, the esteemed developer behind Pumarth Serenity, is committed to delivering exceptional projects that epitomize value and quality. With a portfolio comprising three completed projects and one upcoming endeavor, Pumarth Infrastructure stands as a trusted name in the real estate landscape of Indore. Dedicated to transforming property dreams into reality, the company ensures meticulous planning, premium materials, and superior workmanship in all its endeavors. Experience the pinnacle of modern living with Pumarth Serenity, where luxury meets convenience in perfect harmony.

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Posted By : Amit Singh

Pumarth Serenity - 2, 3 BHK Villa in Indore