Pintail Park City - Premium Residential Plots in Lucknow

Discover luxurious living at Pintail Park City, Lucknow's First Integrated Smart Eco Township. Experience grandeur with a signature entrance gate, the Garden of Five Senses, and direct access from the 4 Lane Sultanpur Road. This partially ready-to-move project, set to complete in July 2026, spans 193.11 acres, offering a range of top-notch facilities including a swimming pool, school, restaurant, and more. Pintail Infracons, a trusted name with over 25 years of real estate expertise, ensures uncompromising quality and innovative design. Find your perfect home and lifestyle at Pintail Park City.

Pintail Park City

Why you should consider Pintail Park City ?

Explore the allure of Pintail Park City, Lucknow's inaugural Integrated Smart Eco Township. This visionary development sets itself apart as the first of its kind in the city, offering residents a harmonious blend of modern living and eco-conscious design. Positioned for convenience, with direct access from the 4 Lane Sultanpur Road, Pintail Park City ensures seamless connectivity. The grand sense of arrival is marked by a signature entrance gate, creating an impressive welcome. Noteworthy for its commitment to sustainability, the project incorporates an environment-friendly rainwater harvesting system, reflecting a thoughtful approach to ecological responsibility. Embrace a lifestyle that combines innovation, green spaces like the Garden of Five Senses, and the comfort of a smart, eco-friendly township at Pintail Park City.

Pintail Park City - Features & Amenities

Discover the expansive and well-equipped living experience at Pintail Park City housing society. Encompassing a vast area of 193.11 acres, it stands out as one of the most spacious residential communities in the Lucknow region. Offering an array of essential amenities, Pintail Park City seamlessly fits into both your budget and lifestyle preferences. Located in Ahmamau, it boasts excellent connectivity to key areas such as Amul Dairy, Super Speciality Cancer Institute, and Rainbow Public School. The society enhances your quality of life with facilities like a swimming pool, power backup, landscaped gardens, a child welfare center, an outdoor gymnasium, and much more. From a 24x7 security system to an amphitheater and indoor game facilities, Pintail Park City is designed to cater to your every need. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of comfort and convenience at this exceptional housing society.

Pintail Park City - Location Advantages

In Terms of location, Pintail Park City does have an edge because :

  • Super Speciality Cancer Institute - 2km Drive
  • Rainbow Public School - 2km Drive
  • Max Care Hospital - 2km Drive
  • The lotus restaurant - 3km Drive
  • Corporation Bank - 4km Drive
  • Tender Palm Hospital - 4km Drive
  • Indian Oil - 7km Drive
  • Army Public School - 10km Drive
Pintail Park City

Pintail Park City in Lucknow stands out as a prime residential choice for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it is the First Integrated Smart Eco Township in Lucknow, incorporating innovative features like the Garden of Five Senses, direct access from the 4 Lane Sultanpur Road, and a signature entrance gate that provides a grand sense of arrival. Additionally, the project is equipped with an environment-friendly rainwater harvesting system, highlighting its commitment to sustainable living.

Construction is currently in a partially ready-to-move state, with completion expected in July 2026. The project offers a plethora of top-notch facilities, including a swimming pool, school, card room, restaurant, Wi-Fi connectivity, shopping center, sun deck, and more. The expansive 193.11-acre area of Pintail Park City ensures that it is one of the spacious housing societies in Lucknow, meeting the needs of residents while fitting into various budgets and lifestyles.

Pintail Infracons, the real estate firm behind Pintail Park City, has established itself as a reputable name in the industry, known for providing innovative and user-friendly plots with uncompromising standards of quality. The company's focus on meeting the specific demands of discerning customers underscores its commitment to delivering excellence in today's real estate market. Pintail Park City, located adjacent to IT City on Sultanpur Road, offers an unparalleled living experience, seamlessly blending lavish indoor spaces with scenic outdoor features, making it an ideal space to call home in Lucknow.

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Pintail Park City - Premium Residential Plots in Lucknow