New Age Farm Plots @ JP Dargha Road, New Kothur, Hyderabad.

Vanadhara is located near JP Darga, Kothur Mandal which is fast emerging as an industrial cum residential locality, placed adjacent to the Bengaluru Highway NH-48 and accessible via outer ring road. This locality is dotted by mid-rise residential development, industrial units, pharm units and multiple warehouse facilities.Kothur micro-market holds tremendous potential and visible infrastructure development is noticeable all around. With wide road main and artery roads, increase inhabitation with many new construction projects coming up, multiple plotting ventures in this micro-market and overall industrial activities, this location holds the key for significant value and wealth creation.



Want to experience the village lifestyle, have the joy of farm stay, be part of community celebrations, throw parties, invite friends and family for weekend gateway, rejuvenate your health, spend quality time in a serene atmosphere, pluck fruits and vegetables, water plants and preserve nature and also create wealth and prosperity for future generations … How? Invest in farm plots at Vanadhara now.

Capturing some of the key highlights of this the community of farm plotting venture

Lotus pondLarge water pond with lotus and fishes will bring cheer and a refreshing experience as you enter the urban forest2) AmphitheatreDeveloping an open-air venue for your entertainment, performances, and sports activities3) Sculpture GardenLand art, installations, sculptures and landscape garden, find all of them in Vanadhara sculpture garden4) Clubhousewill have wide-open spaces with all required amenities for large gatherings.5) Elevated decksEnjoy the fresh air, scenic views, have evening high tea and gaze into sky at night to watch falling stars.6) Boundary wall with solar powered fencingwill protect from any intrusion and trespassing.7) Grand entry with security postAround the clock security and access to authorized persons will be strictly followed.8) Free club membershipGet free life club membership for all plot owners.9) Central BoulevardLong 60FT road connecting all parts of the site with palm trees dotted across the whole of the boulevard.10) Children’s Play area with sandpitChildren can play, swing, try their hands on gymnastics in sandpits.11) Cycling TrackCycle around, explore wide varieties of parks, open spaces, boulevard of trees, vegetable gardens and get lost in nature.12) Jogging and walking track10) acres of open spaces with lush green surrounding will enthrall you.Not just above a lot of parks and allot amenities

VANADHARA has the best connectivity

In Terms of location, Farm Plots VANADHARA does have an edge because :

  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport 35 Minutes
  • Chinna Jeeyar Ashram 25 Minutes
  • Swarna Bharat Trust 23 Minutes
  • Jahangir Pir Dargha 20 Minutes
  • National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) 20 Minutes
  • NATCO Pharma & School 12 Minutes
  • LV Prasad Eye Hospital 12 Minutes
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G) 8 Minutes
  • Microsoft Data Center 10 Minutes
  • Symbiosis Institute 30 Minutes

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why someone might consider buying a farm plot, and how it can contribute to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.1. InvestmentLike full farms, a farm plot can be a valuable investment that appreciates over time. Depending on the location, it may also be possible to generate rental income by leasing the land to other farmers or using it for alternative purposes.2. LandscapingSome people buy farm plots as a way to create a large, private outdoor space for landscaping, gardening, or other recreational activities. A farm plot can offer more flexibility and freedom to design and maintain the land to your liking.

3. Sustainable LivingFor those who are interested in living off the grid or adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, a farm plot can be a good option. You can use the land to generate your own electricity, collect rainwater, and grow your own food.4. Health BenefitsWorking on a farm plot can be a great physical activity enjoying the fresh air, which can have numerous health benefits. Additionally, consuming fresh, home-grown produce can provide you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

6. Hobby FarmingA farm plot can be an ideal size for those who are interested in hobby farming or homesteading. With a smaller plot, it may be easier to manage and maintain crops, animals, or a garden while still producing food for personal consumption or for sale.Overall, buying a farm plot can be a good option for those looking for a more manageable and flexible way to engage in agriculture, gardening, or sustainable living. It’s important to do your research and consult with professionals to make sure that the land is suitable for your intended use and that you understand any legal requirements or zoning regulations.

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Posted By : Khaja Ahmed

New Age Farm Plots @ JP Dargha Road, New Kothur, Hyderabad.