Chester Hills-Luxurious 1BHK,2BHK,3BHK & Villa summer home in Solan.Himachal Pradesh

Luxurious 1BHK,2BHK 3BHK & Villa in solan Himachal Pradesh., A gated community with World class amenities. Summer home in solan .Chester Hills is situated in the very prime location of solan . The Mall Road and that’s the major reason why property buyers are showing huge interest in this property. It’s indeed a great idea to invest at property which is close to schools, colleges, hospital, shopping complex, banks and all daily need stores. So if you are searching for a second home or a holiday home in the mountains then Chester Hills is the place to be.

Chester Hills

Homes that are Environment Friendly

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Rainwater is collected and channeled via a rainwater downpipe and stored in a concealed tank within the compound. This can be reused for outdoor purposes, such as watering plants and washing, indirectly helping to reduce water consumption.
  • LED Lights
  • LEDs have swept the conventional lighting because of its extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. Keeping in view the utility we have used the latest LED lighting ensuring energy efficiency
  • Cool Roof System
  • The sustainable Cool Roof system is the latest in roof technology, creating a natural airflow and heat barrier for a cool and comfortable interior, ultimately helping to save energy and protect the environment
  • Water Efficient Fittings
  • All sanitary wares and plumbing fittings (except in the kitchen) such as the water closet, basin tap, shower head, hand bidet, mixer for long bath and rain shower facilitate the reduction of water flow rate, indirectly reducing water usage.

    Home Features

  • Affordability of an apartment
  • With this new model of community living you get the luxury of living in a villa, at prices that are affordable and within your budget.
  • Privacy & Exclusivity of a villa
  • As opposed to the high number of homes in a single apartment complex or tower, a villament ideally consists of around 10-15 homes in a single building with ideally not more than 2 homes on a single floor. In addition to this, the interiors of a villament are designed much like that of a modern villa – with privacy, exclusivity and even a garden area for each home.
  • Timeless Villas
  • Why is timeless design important?
  • It is built to last and be appreciated. It wants to have permanence. Architectural permanence often equates to construction and material durability, but it should also include social and cultural durability. A timeless design is made of materials and methods that will last and last well within its context.
  • A design that remains flexible and beautiful over many years
  • What is timeless interior design?
  • Timeless design specifically can be defined as an interior design that will never go out of style, it has staying power and it is created not to be temporary. A timeless design, in fact, will last for years and can be brought up to date with changes in accessories and accents

    Chester Hills has the best connectivity

    In Terms of location, Chester Hills does have an edge because :

    • 298 kms from Delhi
    • 56 kms from Chandigarh
    • 15 kms from Dharampur
    • Kasauli a famous tourist hill station is just 25 kms from Solan
    • Shimla a famous tourist hill station is just 45 kms from Solan
    • Railway station just2 KM
    • Bus stand 0KM
    The First Gated Society of Solan, Nestled in the Kasauli Hills of The Magnificent Himalayas

    Experience the synergy of man and nature at Chester Hills, an exclusive, upscale gated community comprising Villas and Floors lusciously spread across hills; where eco friendly features are flawlessly incorporated with thoughtful, designer architecture and finishes – a place that you would be proud to call home. Solan’s first premium residential development, embraces you with a more natural way of living that makes every moment count. The timeless Chester Hills experience – you’ll never tire of its positive effects. In your choice of Studio, 1, 2, 3 BHK and Villas residences, composed of thoughtful details: relaxing views just by stepping through your front door; generously sized balconies; larger-than-usual window areas in bedrooms; sliding doors expanding living spaces and maximizing veranda areas.

    Our vision goes beyond just addressing the current needs of people who are living in hilly areas and are devoid of luxury and modern comforts. This is evident in our project Chester Hills, the first premium residential township in Solan that bridges the gap between their imagination and premium lifestyle. Our passion is to provide the eco-luxury residences that are rarely found and forever coveted. Chester Hills embodies our vision of luxury living in harmony with natural beauty

    Chester Hills strives to create inspirational new homes to an exceptional standard, with a professional yet personal service that makes moving home a dream. The aim is to create healthier, greener spaces while collaborating with customers to deliver internationally-recognized standards of environmental design and performance. Chester Hills is offering spacious interiors that will give you ample space to live in freely. Well designed apartments incorporate thoughtful interior planning that includes a walk-in wardrobe and bedrooms. We are thriving to provide an ideal haven for you and your family to luxuriate in

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    Chester Hills-Luxurious 1BHK,2BHK,3BHK & Villa summer home in Solan.Himachal Pradesh