Bhaishree Aksharban - 1RK Rowhouses, 1BHK & Shops in Aurangabad

Bhaishree Aksharban- 60 1RK Rowhouses, 301 1BHK Flats, 26 Shops Scheme which is ready to move in Zalta, Aurangabad. It is one of the most affordable housing scheme in and around Aurangabad. Very close to the Aurangabad, the society offers the industrial employees to stay in a quality residence just near to their offices. A House full of comfort for the Lady of the house and bring her convenience & necessities to her doorstep. A Dream House for her and you. Because-You Deserve it.


Why you should consider Bhaishree Aksharban?

Considering Bhaishree Aksharban for a living experience that prioritizes openness, tranquility, and sustainability. With three open sides, this residential gem offers a spacious and well-lit environment, providing residents with a comfortable and airy atmosphere. The inclusion of rainwater harvesting amenities underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Additionally, the convenient accessibility to recreational facilities and cineplexes enhances the overall living experience, making Bhaishree Aksharban an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded and modern residential community.

Bhaishree Aksharban- Features & Amenities

Discover the unparalleled features and amenities at Bhaishree Aksharban, a possession-ready residential haven. With a commitment to green living, the project proudly plants 100 trees per acre, creating a lush and sustainable environment. The hassle-free experience is guaranteed as the lands are approved and sanctioned, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home. Enjoy a better society with essential infrastructure, including underground water and drainage pipelines, open landscaped gardens, internal concrete roads with street lights, and a secured perimeter with a cement compound. The inclusion of a water treatment plant further enhances the overall quality of life, making Bhaishree Aksharban the epitome of modern and well-equipped living.

Bhaishree Aksharban - Location Advantages

In Terms of location, BHAISHREE AKSHARBAN does have an edge because :

  • Kamal Nayan Bajaj Hospital - 4Km Drive
  • Reliance Mall - 6Km Drive
  • Himalaya School - 1Km Drive
  • Chikalthana MIDC - 5km Drive
  • Airport, Chikalthana - 5km Drive
  • Cidco Bus stop - 3Km Drive
Bhaishree Aksharban

Bhaishree Aksharban stands as a beacon of affordable and ready-to-move housing in Zalta, Aurangabad, offering a range of options including 60 1RK Rowhouses, 301 1BHK Flats, and 26 Shops. Positioned as one of the most economical housing schemes in and around Aurangabad, this scheme provides an ideal residence for industrial employees, ensuring quality living just a stone's throw away from their workplaces.

Proximity to Aurangabad makes it a convenient choice, while its focus on comfort and convenience aims to bring necessities to the doorstep, especially catering to the well-being of the lady of the house.As families are already moving in, this ready-to-move society is now inviting you to make it your dream home, where comfort meets affordability, and every detail is crafted with your well-deserved happiness in mind.

This housing haven, Bhaishree Aksharban, encompasses 5 towers, each with 4 floors, offering a total of 371 units, showcasing a thoughtful and vibrant community living experience. Spanning over 3.55 acres, it stands out as one of the most spacious housing societies in the region. Designed with your budget and lifestyle in mind, Bhaishree Aksharban provides essential amenities, making it a home that fits seamlessly into your daily life.

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Posted By : Amit Singh

Bhaishree Aksharban - 1RK Rowhouses, 1BHK & Shops in Aurangabad